Category: not a suggestion

i think that i’m catching feelings again oh my god 🙁

i swear, everyone is in a relationship besides me


Hell yesss

my make-up looks good today but my camera is making my face look 500x worse than usual

tbh people who don’t talk im the tags are terrifying

in the mood to be k*ssed

honestly. the day that i get a date mate. you will know. you will all know because i will not shut up about Them. i’ll post every day about how much i love Them. i will post selfies every damn day and make one hundred specific posts for Them. i’m ready to have a date mate. where are They.

where the FUCK is the love of my life

confession: i genuinely don’t know what i’ll do if i fall in love with someone who doesn’t like k-pop. i mean. it’s 50% of my life. they’re going to have to fall down the rabbit hole with me, because they won’t have any clue what i’m talking about half the time. bye.

i’m currently playing a game called “how loudly can i turn up my k-pop music until my flat mates get mad at me”