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Awesome fictional characters who happen to be…

Awesome fictional characters who happen to be pansexual (4/?) :

Mae Borowski (Night In The Woods)

#queer#queer positivity#queer aesthetics#trans…

#queer#queer positivity#queer aesthetics#trans#trans positivity#trans aesthetics#lgbt#lgbt positivity#lgbt aesthetics#lgbtq#lgbtq positivity#lgbtq aesthetics#aesthetics#mine



When you go to a family event after years of not seeing your…

When you go to a family event after years of not seeing your family.

When you’re a queer girl who keeps getting crushes on straight…

When you’re a queer girl who keeps getting crushes on straight girls.

When you can’t use the pride react on facebook anymore.

When you can’t use the pride react on facebook anymore.

When people ask me if they should identify as pansexual.(You and…

When people ask me if they should identify as pansexual.

(You and only you are entitled to define yourself <3 )

When some straight people tell you that Pride should be about…

When some straight people tell you that Pride should be about them too.

I am 14. I like girls. They are pretty, soft and gentle. But I am from Brazil. My family is not only catholic, they say that different people will go to hell. One of my cousins is gay and his parents rejected him. I know that coming out to parents is important, but should I do it? I know I am going to hell when I die with all of you, but should I tell them and let them hate me for the rest of my life?

None of us are going to hell. Just because you are catholic doesn’t mean gay is bad. No where in the Bible does it specifically say that homosexual people are going to hell. Coming out to your parents isn’t important you don’t have to come out to your parents if you don’t want you. It’s your decision whether or not to come out or not. You only “go to hell” if you “sin” but if you believe you are going to hell then you can think that way. It’s just the way you and many other people interpret their religion and the ridiculous things that are said in the Bible.

Let’s Chat #1Hello lovely pan-cakes !I receive a lot of messages…

Let’s Chat #1

Hello lovely pan-cakes !

I receive a lot of messages in my inbox and I never respond to them because I don’t want my blog to be 90% anonymous (or not) messages, but I want to change that ! That’s why I came up with the idea of making a post dedicated to answering those messages. So here we are ! Welcome to the first edition of Let’s Chat  !

inksplatteredpapers :  Hi! Can a person be Bi and Pan?

Yes of course ! You can chosewathever labels you like ! And you can use more than one ! Remember that language is a tool that you use to describe things, such as yourself, so don’t hesitate to experiment with labels (or not if it’s not your thing, you do you).

Anonymous :I don’t have any crushes on people of the same gender or non binary people. I was wondering if aesthetic attraction is enough to validate my pansexuality?

Well, only you can choose how you identify, however, pansexuality is a word used to describe a sexual orientation, which implies sexual attraction. You also have the word panromantic which describes a certain type of romantic attraction. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about aesthetic attraction but I do know that it is not the same thing as sexual attraction, so maybe you could try to find a term that is more accurate for you ?

Anonymous : hey!! first off, I love your blog:) second… I’m pan and I’ve been wanting to come out to my friends and family, and maybe even get a partner in the near future. I’m sure my friends will be accepting, and if they’re not, it’s their problem. but the thing I’m worried about is my parents. I told my mom about a year ago that I thought I was bi, and she assumed it was “just a phase”. my dad is a homophobic butt, and I’m honestly afraid of his response I just don’t know what to do about them, and I don’t want to wait until I move out. help???  ty??? 

I understand your need to come out to your family, but your safety is more important so before coming out you need to make sure that it is safe for you to come out. That’s the only thing that matters, everything else can be worked out. Please be safe !

Anonymous : ok so I’m attracted to boys and girls, trams or cis, but not agender or bigender. does that make me bi or pan??            

From what you’re saying it seems like you could identify as either bi or pan or both ! Being bi or pan doesn’t mean that you have to be attracted to ALL genders !

mixxelmoder : Hey I’ve been struggling with my parents being extremely conservative and constantly afraid of being thrown out of my home if I tell them I don’t know what to do Ive been following you for awhile now and just don’t know who else go ask please help…            

Like I said in another answer, your safety is the most important thing ! So make sure that it’s safe before doing anything, there is no shame in staying in the closet if it’s for your own safety !

Alright, I think I’ll stop here for today, I still have many questions to answer but that will be for another post ! Please let me know about what you think of this new type of post, I really want to know your opinion ! Lots of love !