Category: homophobic

I am 14. I like girls. They are pretty, soft and gentle. But I am from Brazil. My family is not only catholic, they say that different people will go to hell. One of my cousins is gay and his parents rejected him. I know that coming out to parents is important, but should I do it? I know I am going to hell when I die with all of you, but should I tell them and let them hate me for the rest of my life?

None of us are going to hell. Just because you are catholic doesn’t mean gay is bad. No where in the Bible does it specifically say that homosexual people are going to hell. Coming out to your parents isn’t important you don’t have to come out to your parents if you don’t want you. It’s your decision whether or not to come out or not. You only “go to hell” if you “sin” but if you believe you are going to hell then you can think that way. It’s just the way you and many other people interpret their religion and the ridiculous things that are said in the Bible.