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date a pansexual who loves hot cocoa and books

(still the worried anon) what do you mean about that 'you and eating' part? (if it's too personal you don't have to ask) anyways i really hope you get better ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

lol um i haven’t eaten a meal in three days ajkajabsbk so ?


date a pansexual who loves pineapple on pizza

date a panseuxal who can only cook one (1) meal

date a pansexual who eats your fries instead of their own perfectly good fries

date a pansexual who has over 180 memes saved on their phone to show their friends at lunch time to make them smile

thoughts on cakes?

hmm what kind of cakes ?

i love cakes!! mostly just chocolate cakes and i prefer big cakes as opposed to cupcakes but all cakes are good except for b*nana cakes. they can choke.

i’m also a fake reveluv i’ve only had red velvet cake once and i just thought that it was okay. i need to try one again.

thoughts on potatoes?

i like them a lot, actually!! but i can’t make them aksnsksj i like mashed potatoes a lot but the rest of my family hates them, so i rely on my white friends when i go to their houses ;;;

i always have potatoes (and chips) with vinegar ๐ŸŒŸ

What’s the weirdest/best food combo you’ve had?

omg my brother and i were discussing this before. i really want to try nutella and ham?? i’m going to try it one day and see what it’s like aksbsksk

the weirdest i’ve had is jam and egg on toast but it was quite good!! but i don’t eat egg much anymore ;;;

date a pansexual who will buy you food when you are sad