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reblog this and put your favourite fruit and vegetable in the tags

* Heya friend! I’m a fellow pan trash can and I would love to ask; what’s your favorite fruit? 🍒🍑🍍 You are far from trash btw 🙂

ahhh i guarantee you that i’m still trash tbh 😅😅 my favourite fruit is (are?) green grapes!!! or any kind of grapes but i prefer green

You can do the joke of being "breadsexual" in French, because when you say "pan" (in French) its sounds like "pain" which means "bread". When you are tired, this joke can make you laugh to tears, believe me

i know this joke!!!!! i love it ahhhhh

hey! I went to an art museum today, i cant really send pictures through your ask box, but i took the ceramics tour and there was tons of super old pottery. Greek, Egyptian, Asian, it was pretty cool. Then i went to the shadiest pizza hut ive ever been to, it had a dumpster cage out front?? It looked like a place you'd buy crack from tbh

ohhhh you can send pictures via chat if you want to!! but museums are always great and pottery has always been interesting for me, so that’s really cool!! but wow the contrast between the museum and the pizza hut ajakanaka how far was it between the two?? hopefully you didn’t have to walk to far. and i hope that you enjoyed the pizza!! (or whatever you had) 🍕


date a pansexual who loves macaroni and cheese

Conk or 🅱epsi

neither i hate fizzy drinks

granola bars here are usually a mix of cereals (like the one some ppl eat as breakfast) different seeds and dried foods (idk almonds i.e) they are compacted into a small rectangle and are usually sweet!

yes i think that i know what they are now!! i’ve had them before they’re horrible

Granola bars are literally bars of granola, if you know what that is. If not, then I have no clue how to explain it

i swear it’s an american thing because i’ve never heard that term here…only on the internet or in american media

date a pansexual who will show up at ur door with a bag of garlic bread and insist that u eat u cute fuck!!!!

garlic bread is nice i haven’t had it in forever 😔😔😔

are you not eating bc you want to lose weight / thinspo / ed? or have you just been like incapable of eating for another reason ?

no ahaha i’m just trying to lose weight that’s all 🙈