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Demisexual panromantic x slytherin for anon🐍

“Our parents always tell us about things we ‘need’ to know when we grow older, yet never tell us what to look out for”

“Don’t let your parents force you to live out their dreams. Go against what they say if you disagree and stop the cycle of parents forcing their kids to peruse the dreams they couldn’t because of their parents and the kids and the endless cycle before them.”

“You don’t need labels to define you. No one should have a label forced upon them. We are all just people. Labels are just a way for people to actually feel like they belong somewhere when in fact we belong wherever we want. We just can’t see it yet.”

“Things don’t happen for a reason. Things just happen. You just have to learn from them”

“People only want to understand what is ‘normal’ when in fact nothing is normal, but once we decide we want to be happy they make it their mission to find a reason we shouldn’t be.”

“Our parents want us to be ourselves yet they try to push their beliefs onto us.”

“You’ll risk anything just for the sake of happiness”

“We can’t grow if we aren’t given room to breathe.”

“No one is born racist/homophobic. Our parents are the ones who corrupt our minds.”