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None of us are going to hell. Just because you are catholic doesn’t mean gay is bad. No where in the Bible does it specifically say that homosexual people are going to hell. Coming out to your parents isn’t important you don’t have to come out to your parents if you don’t want you. It’s your decision whether or not to come out or not. You only “go to hell” if you “sin” but if you believe you are going to hell then you can think that way. It’s just the way you and many other people interpret their religion and the ridiculous things that are said in the Bible.

“Our parents always tell us about things we ‘need’ to know when we grow older, yet never tell us what to look out for”

“Don’t let your parents force you to live out their dreams. Go against what they say if you disagree and stop the cycle of parents forcing their kids to peruse the dreams they couldn’t because of their parents and the kids and the endless cycle before them.”

“My sexuality isn’t a sexuality? Oh I’m sorry. Should I come over to your house and try to fuck all the pans you have? I bet they are very sexy.”

What I thought after someone said “why is pansexual considered a sexuality (unless you’re really into pans)

So I recently came out on social media and then wrote a letter for my parents that I was Pansexual. My mom said she accepted me (though she is confused) and would show my dad later. Then she had said she would give him the letter when he “felt better”. Well it’s been a couple days since she said that and I’m sure he’s “well enough” to read the letter. I don’t think it’s right that she’s making me wait when I’m actually ready. She’s just making the anxiety worse for when she actually gives it to him. Now that I’m ready to be happy my parents are still trying to find a way to make me feel like shit.

“You don’t need labels to define you. No one should have a label forced upon them. We are all just people. Labels are just a way for people to actually feel like they belong somewhere when in fact we belong wherever we want. We just can’t see it yet.”

“Things don’t happen for a reason. Things just happen. You just have to learn from them”

you are you and you are beautiful

“If you are not careful your possessions will possess you.”

Marina and the Diamonds, “Oh no!”