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I never got super into x men but you know what I DID get into? Nightcrawler. A blue and excellent friend

ugh yes maybe blue lives DO matter

unpopular opinion (apparently) but I physically and mentally canNOT go to bed without socks on

ohhh i go to bed with socks on, too!! around, 95% of the time ahaha so you’re not alone 🤔🤔

its awards season do you ever hate being a kpop stan as much as I do around this time

kinda :~) i manage to ignore though, because i stick to my fandom (nctzen) where we’re not really nominated for anything and can’t really compete with other groups LOL ;;; at least last year, nct was like, wayyyy behind in votes and we knew we weren’t going to win, so luckily, nctzens didn’t really care. i’m also not really on stan twitter, so i don’t see a lot of the drama, and if i do, i just mute the account.

i can’t say much for tumblr, because i really, really don’t use it that much, but i luckily manage to avoid all the drama of awards season ?? i guess it depends on your fandom and which social medias you use ;;;

Hey if you do end up writing that fic, send it to me/ hit me up with a link and I'll read it!

omg….you’re the sweetest thank you so much 😭😭 idk if i’ll ever write it now…but thank you ;;;

re beta reader, you can try asking at kficanon2 on dreamwidth

idk why i’m just seeing this now, but i checked!! i finally found one, though :’) thank u for the rec!!

I think this is an awesome blog being run by an awesome person!

gwhsbsjaha thank you!! 🍉

So how do I explain pansexuality to my girlfriend, I've tried but she still thinks it's just a preference and can easily change and nothing I say changes her mind, I don't know what to do or say that would work so I need your help…I want her to understand who I am

sorry this is so late!! i’m not sure how to answer this, so i’ll toss it to the masses, if that’s okay 😀 

You're really great

thank you

Your blog makes me happy, I love it despite the fact that I identify as Demi not pan I still follow.

thank you i’m glad that you like this blog 💘

Wym you push up your glasses by the TOP CONVERSATION what??

the top corners!! where the handles are