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Good luck on your finals, boo! All of your fol…

Good luck on your finals, boo! All of your followers love you and wish you the best (also happy holidays!)

Thank you <3 Happy holidays!!!

hey mate! just wanted to stop by and say this …

hey mate! just wanted to stop by and say this blog is SO DAMN COOL!!! The facts are so good and I swear they make me smile every time I see one. Thank you!!! -a happy pansexual bean

ok but i actually love your blog so much, it i…

ok but i actually love your blog so much, it is so cool to see pansexuality being represented. you are hot like hot sauce, my friend.

i used to identify as pan but have since realized i’m lesbian and dealt with a lot of compulsory heterosexuality but i can’t really bring myself to unfollow your blog bc i used to absolutely adore it and it holds such a special place in my heart

I’m sure the Lesbian Legion will be proud to have an addition like you to its nation, anon! 

Hi! I’ve recently joined the Pansexual Pantheon, and I have one question. In Spanish, the word “pan” means “bread”. Is that in any way related to the Pantheon?

Yes! Bread is considered the ‘fuel’ of pansexuals, such that pansexuals need to consume a certain amount every day to survive. For this reason, many pansexuals carry fanny packs full of various breads in order to sustain them throughout the day. Some pansexuals choose the gluten-free variety, while others with a strong preference consume strictly one type of bread, such as baguette or naan. Regardless of one’s preference, however, bread is a staple in every pansexual household.

Hey yall. How do you guys interpret “i love yous”? Like i know ily is like platonic and so is love ya. But like “I love you” maybe is more serious idk but like it could be platonic. Maybe im just freaking out since its the first time my crush says it like that. Im probably reading to much into it so ill just leave

I think that a lot of the interpretation is based on context. Because if you said a funny joke and they laugh and say I love you I think that’s a more platonic use(like the irl version of “hahaha ily), but if it’s unprompted and said in a serious setting I would find that more of a confession. I hope you get what I’m saying but like I don’t really know how to phrase it right. But even if it was said platonically there’s always hope so don’t give up!
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Is there any way that I, a closeted pansexual, can celebrate pride month if I am unable to go to a pride event???

Absolutely! Although some members of the Pansexual Pantheon are closeted and thus unavailable to physically participate in Pride Month, there are still many ways for these pansexuals to celebrate. The advent of an online community is particularly important. Something as simple as a pansexual flag for a phone background or a chatroom or Discord server for pansexuals is a simple, but helpful, way to celebrate one’s pansexuality in private. There is also, of course, the option to enact a demonic ritual by drawing a pentacle on one’s floor and chanting the tale of the ancient pansexual runes to summon an ancient spirit of the Pansexual Pantheon. One important thing to consider with all these options is that your safety should come first, and it is unwise to do anything that may put yourself in danger.