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Power of fictional characters right here.

Use this gifset the next time some asshole tries to tell you that “there’s no disability in this sci-fi story because there’s no point.”


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every single STAN LEE cameo in the marvel cinematic universe (MCU)

Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018.


Shout-out to fan-fiction writers who don’t or can’t write the 50k fan-fictions, because of a lack of focus or motivation, or mental illness.

Shout-out to fan-fiction writers who don’t or can’t write smut, but are still lumped into a group that is almost expected to write smut. 

Shout-out to fan-fiction writers who can’t update chapters frequently for maybe a multitude of reasons, and get messages daily from people asking for “their” new chapter. 

Shout-out to fan-fiction writers who aren’t big name fans and hardly get ten kudos or one comment on their fan-fictions. 

Shout-out to fan-fiction writers who stay up all night editing and rewriting and don’t get much attention on their work no matter how much they feel like they promote their writing.

Shout-out to fan-fiction writers who don’t write a lot and are constantly asked to write more but can’t for whatever valid reason they have. 

Shout-out to fan-fiction writers who have the courage to post their writing online and only have it publicly made fun of for grammar or poor characterization. 

Shout-out to fan-fiction writers for writing their fan-fiction, posting it online, and continuing to do it no matter how much or little attention they get, and constantly improving as a writer with every upload.

You all rock.



You can be both bi and pan at the same time

Bi: attraction to two or more genders 💓💜💙

Pan: attraction to all genders. 💓💛💙

You can totally fall under both definitions and choose both labels for yourself. Screw any biphobe or panphobe who tells you otherwise 👋🖕


Hey. Please take a moment to read, this is really important.

Four friends and I recently created an app that helps the LGBT+ community, teens with mental illness, teens in countries that censor internet content, and anyone else who needs support to find an anonymous, safe, and close community.

We have finished the beta for our app and plan to release it in June during Pride Month.

But, we need your help to make this app possible. You can sign up for it here.

If we don’t enough sign ups, then we won’t get the funding to keep our app safe for our users. The organization that wants to fund us needs validation that there are enough people in need of our app.

We need the funding to hire moderators that will go through reported posts and keep our content safe for the LGBT+ and mental health community.

We have just started collecting sign ups, but not nearly enough to make our app a reality.

Please, sign up for our app. No matter your sexuality, gender, preference, race, or anything of that matter.

We really need your help to make this possible. You can sign up here. It only takes an email, no name is necessary.

This app’s existence is dependent on your support. If we can’t get enough sign ups, then we will won’t be able to release our app and will have to abandon our hopes for this safe space online.

Sign the Petition:


please, take a moment to sign this petition!


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