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can i get uhhh lgbt people calling out unhealthy age gaps instead of normalizing and romanticizing them


Jewish children at Hebrew School in Harlem; c.1940s

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some of you never experienced the “this isn’t available in your country” situation and it shows


some of you have never seen any of the barbie movies and it shows



also seriously if a character isn’t white, i promise your only descriptive options aren’t food words and varying degrees of tan. it’s okay to say brown. pale brown! light brown! golden brown! medium brown! dark brown! deep brown! so many kinds of brown!



shout out to girls who don’t have perfect bodies. shout out to girls who have wide waists and narrow hips and broad shoulders and wide backs. shout out to girls who have flat asses and breasts that sag, breasts that aren’t always idealised. shout out to girls who don’t have flat stomachs, who have round stomachs, who have a pouch, who worry about how they look when they sit down. shout out to girls with hyperpigmentation, who have darker private parts, who have large areolas, dark knees and elbows. shout out to girls with body hair!!! to the girls who have hair on their breasts, on their ass, on their arms and knuckles and face. shout out to the girls with body hair they can’t seem to get rid of, who spend forever trying to shave and wax, who never bother get rid of any of their hair and wear it with pride. shout out to girls who have dark lips, who don’t have button noses, who have ears that stick out.

shout out to girls whose bodies are never praised by the media, to the girls who never see themselves represented, to the girls who worry about all these tiny details and to the girls who are trying to love themselves.


I saw that movie with all the disney princesses. There was probably some other stuff too idk. And it made me want to draw my two favorite princesses!!!! 

I just always thought that Cinderella and Tiana would get along pretty well! They’re both hard workers with big dreams💕

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in 2019 we’re not gonna purposely make ourselves sad anymore!!! no more looking at that blog bc you know it’ll make you sad! no more clicking on a link to a song that brings back bad memories or a post that reminds you of bad times just to make yourself feel bad!! we’re gonna start to love ourselves in 2019 and strive to be happy bitch!!!!!


Yeah “het ships are boring” but let’s not shit on het ships w/ trans people, black women, fat people, disabled women, and other groups that have been treated as “unloveable” by culture at large in preference for a ship between two white pretty boys.