hiyaaaa omg

so. idk what to do with this blog. despite the amount of followers it has, 1. there seems to be very little interaction in the posts 2. my mental health has made it beyond taxing to keep up with it the way that i used to 3. i know that a lot of users will likely be leaving tumblr after the 17th.

and i. i don’t know you guys. i’m barely on here anyway, and i’m constantly contemplating between deleting this blog, handing over the reigns to someone else (though i doubt whether it can be revived) or remaking, and hopefully, y’all will follow me there and we can start freah? what do you all think? i really want to hear your thoughts because this is a serious dilemma of mine, and i don’t want to upset too many people

also, i’ve been having an absolutely horrible week, and i’d love to talk. if you don’t want to reply or send an ask, i’d really, really appreciate a kind message/quirky question to my curiouscat. please.

i hope you all have a good day/night/week/etc!!☁