when ppl are like “the internet is a public forum, you cant ask ppl not to reblog your posts, if its on your blog im allowed to reblog it”

its like………..yeah but have you ever heard of tact, or social cues, or minding your business……….like if you were in public and you overheard a person at the next table telling their friend about a terrible breakup or a family member dying or something super personal like that… you would not just jump in and join that conversation. it wouldnt be your place. just like its not your place to reblog ppl’s personal posts.

that doesnt mean you literally cant do it. it does mean that if youre asked not to do it, or even if the person doesnt specify but you know its a personal thing, and you still do it, ppl have the right to be upset with you. if you disrespect ppl’s boundaries, they will no longer want to be around you, in real life or on the internet. if you transgress social norms, there are social consequences, thats just how it works buddy. 

so yeah. the internet is a public forum, please behave as you would in a public space and mind your own damn business.