Since we’re not seeing trailers left and right, let this be our warning.

Please please PLEASE do not sleep on this. They only made this series because it kicked major booty in the box office, but they aren’t promoting it so it will fail and they can go back to their normal paint palettes.

Do. Not. Let. Them! Please do not let them shrug off a group who is called a minority but really isn’t minor in representation!

Let them see that there are just as many people who love T’challa and Zuri as there are fans of SpiderMan and the Hulk watching!

Here is the trailer! It looks awesome btw. It Premieres TONIGHT PLEASE WATCH IT LIVE, or STREAM IT ON THE DISNEY NOW APP. Don’t forget to tweet about it, and have it trending. Disney XD tonight September 23 @ 8c/9p