Kudos-Hiding Skin



@ao3commentoftheday asked for this, but please, anyone who wants to use it, go wild.

Fair warning, this skin uses positionality, so it will sometimes hide bookmarks as well.  I am willing to accept this in exchange for never having to see the bane of my existence, I just occasionally go in and peruse my bookmarks on stories I’m curious about.  In order to put the skin in, go to preferences>skins>create site skins, choose a title that makes sense to you, then copy paste this:

p.kudos {
 display: none;

dl.stats dt:nth-child(9),
dl.stats dd:nth-child(10),
dl.stats dt:nth-child(11),
dl.stats dd:nth-child(12) {
 display: none;

.blurb dl.stats dt:nth-child(7),
.blurb dl.stats dd:nth-child(8) {
 display: none;

And that should do it!  Never have to see a kudos again in your life.  It’s glorious.

for those that need it!