✨Help save a trans life✨

My name is Canyon. Please consider donating to my top surgery fund through my YouCaring (will no longer exist after July 31st) or my PayPal. You can even venmo me @ queercrow.

I know it doesn’t seem as important as some of the other funding posts going around but my mental health is at serious risk, if I don’t get this surgery Idk how much longer I can hang in there. I’m maxed out on meds for my dysphoria-related depression but I still would rather die than be stuck this way for another several years.

Please help me. I’m trying so hard to stay strong. This surgery will literally save my life.

Here’s a pic to show I’m a real honest-to-goodness Trainwreck of a person

(don’t be misled by the background, this is not my house I can’t afford Nice Things)