i’m not trying to be rude but y’all have got to stop marching into the inbox of complete strangers and telling them how much you want to kill yourself or how miserable you are completely unprompted. like i understand that you might need somebody to talk or vent to but i can’t express how anxiety inducing and triggering it is to open up my inbox or IMs and see somebody randomly talking about how they want to kill themselves. and this definitely hasn’t been an isolated incident in my experience like it’s happened multiple times now

there’s a serious problem on this website with people treating their favorite bloggers like certified therapists. you have to understand and realize that these are people with problems of their own…you can’t just approach somebody randomly and start unloading all your problems onto them like that without permission. if you need help, don’t seek it out that way. it’s uncomfortable at best and really upsetting/triggering at worst. this shouldn’t even need to be said.