Hello everyone, today I would like to recommend a really great mobile visual novel/dating sim. Something dating sims are often lacking is inclusivity with the Main Character often being default female with no options to change it, and only able to romance men. For example, Mystic Messenger is default female player and while there is a female character you can pursue it only ends in friendship. If you’re sick of stuff like that, I present: The Arcana

Like I said it’s a visual novel/dating sim, but the romance is optional and you can play the game and get the actual main story without getting saucey with your chosen character. In terms of being inclusive, this game is great. The player can chose male, female, or gender neutral pronouns to use and it doesn’t affect who you can romance. There are also no illustrations that show the player character, thus letting that be completely self insertable. There are currently three main characters who have story routes.


A canon non binary magician


The absolutely gorgeous countess


Former plague doctor, current fugitive (but my baby is innocent I swear. Or at least I think he is). Also a professional melodramatic bitch.

They’re all bi/pan because not only will they date you (the player) regardless of what gender you are, depending on the route some of them have past or current relationships. Examples: Julian and Asra are past lovers, and when I’m not pursuing Nadia I’m p sure she’s dating her female servant (and I ship it). So yay representation for us!

Also, the art and characters are beautiful (look at them. Stunning. And those aren’t even the fancy illustrations you can unlock through the story) and the story is super awesome and I’m incredibly invested in the plot outside of my relationship which has basically never happened to me in a dating sim. So yeah 10/10 recommend, you can play without spending a cent and have a perfectly fulfilling experience so that’s also cool. Sorry for the long post, but this game excites me a lot. Please come to my main blog and scream about Julian with me.

~Mod Ama🌺