Have you ever just talked to someone and you&#…

Have you ever just talked to someone and you've both said things that could hint at the fact that you're not straight but none of you ever come clean and say anything? So then you both just passively hint at stuff for the whole night??? (Why yes, this is oddly specific as it happened to me last night at a friend's party hhnnnggggg)

Fam I know that feel, I’ve lived it too. Me and a good friend were in literature class together, and as classic lit is incredibly gay the conversation often veered in that direction and for literal months we both just danced around it until we were talking about Love, Simon and I said “I’m gay and want representation damnit! Well, pansexual anyways but the point stands.” And she also said she was pan and it was a good time. It can be fun and it can be a bit awkward, but I personally had lots of fun with the subtle (and sometimes not subtle) comments we were always making, and the non-pressure of being able to joke and talk about LGBT+ stuff without the pressure of directly/formally coming out to my classmates.
~Mod Ama🌺