the stonewall historian david carter made a collation of different accounts of the stonewall riots written in 1969. i found it on his website (which has since been taken down); you can click here to download it as a word doc. i highly recommend reading it through sometime! it gave me a better picture of the riots and what led up to them, but it also reveals variations in people’s descriptions of the events, which don’t always match up perfectly.

i’d also recommend the article “movements and memory: the making of the stonewall myth” by elizabeth a. armstrong and suzanna m. crage. this article is more academic, and asks why the stonewall riots became so significant to gay liberation and gay collective memory. it first looks at a few riots that took place prior to stonewall but weren’t assigned the same significance, and then looks at how stonewall achieved a central place in gay memory. 

one thing i took away from these articles was that stonewall and the annual commemoration of it didn’t happen as a result of any one single person or group of people, but that a number of factors came together to create a situation that people were able to seize upon. anyway, enjoy the readings and happy pride!