This is gonna be hard for a lot of people to hear but uhhh…when you blow your friends off continuously, they reserve the right to get annoyed with you, even when it’s because you’re Sad™️.

Yeah, the issue becomes “why do you keep making plans when you know you’re not going to keep them?“ 

It’s your responsibility to manage your feelings, not other people. If you know you’re not in a stable mind, don’t make plans, or at least keep things to a “I’m not sure how I’ll be feeling but I’ll try and make it if I can!”

And if you know you aren’t typically going to have the energy to go out-out, suggest something that’s more your speed. I’m not huge on clubbing, but my friends will usually be down to have a kickback with movies and weed when we all have time—that’s much easier for me to handle emotionally and energy-wise, and it still gives us a fun time together.

it’s not that difficult if you get out of that “well i’m DEPRESSED so you can’t judge me” kind of mindset. people ought to be respectful, but their feelings don’t have to fall behind yours.

Thank you for elaborating on my point so eloquently.