Help – Emergency

I never post anything personal on this tumblr but I just got kicked out of the apartment by my (ex) boyfriend

I am 38 weeks pregnant and absolutely terrified, wallet and everything I own still inside

Please if you’re in the Manhattan area or can help me in any way with a hotel until I figure someone out I would owe you my life!!!!!!! Even a few dollars will help for food in the meantime.

Update: still have no where to go as of now. The cops have been called but no action has been taken, I’ve just been offered resources on places I can call to *maybe* receive help. It’s quite frustrating and quite alarming how little they are willing to do but I can’t blame anyone but myself. My baby doesn’t deserve this and that’s what’s making me feel so helpless.

Thank you to whoever has shared this already. Means so much to me

UPDATE (4/1): Due to health complications I had to undergo an emergency c section last night. This situation has been extremely difficult on me and this baby has brought me the only joy I’ve had in a long time. Unfortunately, when we leave the hospital we will still be out of a home and I’m not sure what my plan is. My family situation is complicated and because of that, I can’t rely on them at this time for help. Thank you to everyone who has reposted, prayed and sent what they could to help and comfort me. You guys are amazing and I would appreciate it if you kept spreading the word! I’m completely desperate and being a new mom, I want the absolute best for my baby. Anything helps us until we get everything figured out. Thank you thank you thank you