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shut up this is literally every lesbian in this site

THIS IS IMPORTANT. The show is called One Day At A Time. The co-showrunner has reached out to fans to please watch 4 EPISODES OR MORE within the next few days or it’s in danger of getting cancelled. This show is needed and puts me in the best mood. I don’t care if you set it on a loop and walk away. We need representation and we need this positive representation in a sitcom. Don’t let us down. YOU WANT TO SHOW HOW POWERFUL THE LGBT COMMUNITY IS? DO THIS. SHOW THEM. WE BEG FOR REPRESENTATION NOW ITS OUR JOB TO KEEP IT.

Where do u watch it at

i think it’s on netflix

It’s short episodes and highly bingeable

I can back this up. I’m almost done with season 2 on Netflix (in about a day and a half) and I’m definitely going to start over and rewatch all of it at least two or three more times. I really love this show, very binge-able, and I highly recommend watching it. It’s on Netflix. Please go watch it.