valentine asks


secret admirer: do you usually admire someone from afar or ask them on a date upfront?

red roses: what’s the last thing you gave someone for valentine’s day?

box of chocolates: are you single? if so, what would you say the best thing about being single is?

love letters: are you a cheesy lovey dovey person?

bouquet: have you ever dated someone twice?

red: would you date your friend’s ex?

date: have you ever stargazed with your s/o?

hearts: did/do you write your crushes name in the margins of your books?

love: have you ever fell in love at first sight?

girls: what’s your favourite thing about dating girls?

kisses: where is your favourite place to be kissed? why?

teddy bears: are you clingy?

heart eyes: do you send good morning and good night messages? if so, what do they say?

rose petals: what is your favourite thing to do with your partner?

crush: do you have a crush?

confessions: if you could say anything to your crush right now, what would it be?

gifts: do you prefer flowers or chocolates?

smile: do you prefer soft kisses or making out?

hand holding: would you date someone who wasn’t into physical affection?

boys: what’s your favourite thing about dating boys

pink: what are your opinions on valentine’s day?

blushing: are you good at making people flustered?

whipped: have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of your s/o or crush? if yes, tell us about it

romance: how many times do you say ‘i love you’ a day

mixtape: has anyone ever made you a mixtape? if yes, what was your favourite song on it?

In the spirit of the holiday, this seems to be appropriate for our first ask game? Specify the mod(s) you’re asking and we’ll answer when we get to it, at our comfort level. Don’t send asks multiple times, we’re not all active all the time so it might take a bit before it’s answered.

~Mod Ama🌺