things that better be left in 2017 (pan/multisexual edition)

  • multisexual hierarchy where identities that have more documented histories and labels that have existed longer are treated as more important/valid
  • applying multisexual labels on real people who have not chosen them for themselves, especially if those people are no longer alive (there is nothing wrong with someone never choosing a specific label! they do not owe you anything and are not robbing you of your rep!)
  • the idea that multisexual people and characters default as bi or are bi until proven/stated otherwise
  • erasing pan characters and neglecting famous pans
  • accusing pan people of being anti-bi when they call out pan hate from bi people
  • calling it “pan/bi discourse” when it’s really just pan people addressing the things that negatively affect us. also, saying “enough discourse!!!! be positive!!!!” to avoid any kind of criticism or self reflection
  • policing how pan and all multisexual people identify
  • non-pan people speaking for pan people
  • “hearts not part” and “gender-blind”
  • saying that the pan label and other multisexual labels are bi erasure and those who use them are internalizing bi-hate
  • claiming that the pan identity and community are anti-bi and anti-trans
  • forcing all multisexual people under a “bi umbrella” and using that as an excuse to never specifically discuss/acknowledge those multisexualities

things that better become trends in 2018 (pan/multisexual edition)

  • giving multisexual people time and space to decide which label, if any, is right for them and respecting whichever label, if any, they choose
  • treating all multisexualities as valid, individual identities and not just subsets of another
  • celebrating pan characters and supporting pan headcanons
  • respecting pan people and taking us seriously
  • including pan people in queer content
  • non-pan people calling out pan-hate
  • actively supporting pansexuality
  • canon pan characters
  • pan visibility

feel free to add to this!