Happy National Coming Out Day!


October 11, 2017 is National Coming Out Day. 

If you’re ready to come out, congratulations!

If you’re not ready, that’s okay too. 

Don’t rush yourself. If you’re in an unsafe situation, or you’re simply not ready to come out yet, don’t force yourself.

NCoD is a convenient time to come out, but it’s not an obligation. 

It’s okay to be completely out and proud. I’m proud of you for being yourself.

It’s okay to be only partially out. Sometimes it’s hard to come out.

It’s okay to be closeted. Even if you would be safe if you came out. Sometimes you’re not 100% sure. Sometimes you’re not ready yet. You’re not a coward. 

Whatever stage you are at in your coming out, you’re okay. 

Have a safe and happy national coming out day. 🙂