yerin loves pretty girls 🌺🌸



If your gf/bf/bff needs reassurance on how you feel, just give it to them. We’re humans and go through shit. It’s nice to feel wanted.



as someone who comes from a family that hand washes all our dishes imagine my shock when I realized when white people complained about washing dishes they were really complaining about sticking some dishes in a machine

My bestest positive vibes being sent your way …

My bestest positive vibes being sent your way ✨

Thank yooouuu! 💞

Came out of it significantly better than most past experiences with general anesthesia this time so aside from a sore mouth & a scratchy throat all’s pretty well now 😌

– Skully 💀



when people are really rude and douchey and everyone still loves them






It’s interesting how everyone sleeps differently, like, some people sleep on their side, some people sleep on their bellies and i’ve noticed a lot of people sleep on monsta x

Heyyy, soooo I know I only check in here every…

Heyyy, soooo I know I only check in here every so often , buuuut I’m havin dental surgery under general anesthesia in the afternoon, so may be another little bit before I’m back on a regular basis 💞

(Also, if anyone wants to leave some luck or good vibes or whatnot in the inbox for me, you’re of course more than welcome)

– Skully 💀



Not sure if you really like the name you’ve chosen for yourself?

Use it when the barista at Starbucks asks for your name.

This is what I recommend to any trans*/nb person (or just anyone who wants to change their name).

The biggest problem for me when changing my name was it felt like I was betraying my parents. It felt wrong at first, because my parents had chosen my other name, and now here I was replacing it. Of course, a few friends of mine used my new name, but it just felt like a nickname.

So one day I gave the name Ashton to the barista. I was with some friends who don’t know about my gender identity, so I got a weird look, but it didn’t even come up in conversation later. That was the first huge sigh of relief. The second came when the barista called out my drink. I got up and took it like usual, but then I stopped. It didn’t even cross my mind that that wasn’t the name I was used to hearing. It just felt natural.

So if you’re unsure about your preferred name, treat yourself to some Starbucks.

(NOTE: This can apply to anyone who wants to change their name, they don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQA+ community)

hadasaaah:If you see any #droptheb bullshit ju…


If you see any #droptheb bullshit just know it’s people from 4chan trying to piss everyone off and make us fight! We should have #bipansolidarity

Just a warning in case anyone sees this tag. We work together, and won’t let trolls divide us, yeah? Bi/Pan solidarity is good!