Fact: Unlike traditional zodiac signs, pansexuals are granted the powers of different classes on the basis of their birthdate. For example, pansexuals born between April 18 and May 13 are paladins, those born between August 10 and September 16 are rogues, and those born between December 17 and January 20 are wizards. However, as pansexuals level up every year on their birthday, they are welcome to multiclass into as many classes as they choose.

So, I' working on a series of embroidered 8×10 pride flags as mythical creatures. And I've got the usual suspects: Gay Unicorn, Ace Dragon, Aro Griffin, Trans Pegasus (because you need wings to fly over haters and a glorious mane) I'm stuck on Pansexual. I was wondering does the pan community have a mythical creature that ya'll have adopted? Or do I go with satyr and embrace the pun completely of a Pan in Pan colors?

A pan satyr sounds wonderful!

Pan and gender fluid music moodboard for @shitty-things-and-stupid-trolls

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ftm Greaser moodboard for @shitty-things-and-stupid-trolls ‘s friend

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I used a new program and this thing is v large lol. Dragon Pan pride moodboard for shitty-things-and-stupid-trolls 

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Hey just so you know the bigender flag you’ve been using was revealed to be made by someone who is now a gender binarist and this is currently the preferred flag among the bigender community (i can send you a post about it if you want as right now what flag you use is just a matter of preference due to lack of solid proof but this is definitely the one i would feel more comfortable with reblogging to my bigender blog)

-Thanks for letting us know! Hearing preferences from the community is always beneficial. It’s greatly appreciated that you took the time to share what feels more comfortable for you and we’ll be sure to use the community’s preferred flag in the future.

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Gritty said gay rights

Fact: During Pride Month, pansexuals receive up to a 200% boost in their usual powers. For example, a pansexual who is typically able to telekinetically levitate five pounds of weight may now be able to levitate up to fifteen pounds, and pansexuals who specialize in healing magics may be able to heal wounded allies more than twice as quickly.



I did something for… Pan and bi people. 

I love pride positivity ahh these are adorable



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